Friday, September 4, 2009

Easy, I Think Not!

So you'd think preschool would be easy at least that's what I thought. Then the teacher handed me a huge packet and said Olivia had a surprise in her bag. Okay. Seemed harmless enough. Then Olivia began taking everything out of her backpack on the sidewalk and in doing so she pulled out a necklace she had made. I thought this was the surprise.

A few hours later I went through her backpack again to hang her new art work on the wall. Inside was a surprise bag with directions written on it. It said the bag had to be brought back to every class and could be filled with anything, a toy, a snack, whatever. On the note card you were to write 3 clues and the kids would figure it out. Overwhelmed I thought to myself this seemed like a lot of work to bring something twice a week in addition to Thursday share day that coincides with the letter of the week. On top of that we were sent home the Scholastic book order form and a picture day packet.

Exasperated I left everything until Wednesday night. Olivia had picked out a crocodile for share day so that was covered. Picture stuff I could figure out over the weekend. The surprise bag...well I thought about making chocolate chip cookies. Then I thought maybe I should start slowly and build up to better things if I was going to have to bring something twice a week. Forever.

I brought Saltine crackers. Started with a "C," the 3 clues were easy, and if all the other moms started with a snack too then the teacher could save this for later. All was great until I got to school and spoke with another mom who explained Olivia was the leader this week. She was the only child who got the surprise bag. Every class it goes to someone else. DOH!!!

Had I known this piece of information I would have went out of my way to make fancy cookies for the class. Ok, so in 7 weeks it will be our turn again. I will probably have to bring prime rib and caviar to make up for the lousy Saltines. Hopefully I haven't shamed my daughter too much since this probably won't be the last time I botch her school stuff up. I think she's pretty resilient.

See, She's happy with her caterpillar artwork.
And the fact that she can trace the shapes.
And she's proud of her cat puppet.
And Ava's happy crocodilo is back home safely.

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