Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School And The Rest Of The Day

Today was the letter "E" and the beginning of kids learning about sea-life for two weeks. Olivia was pretty proud of this fish that she created. She wanted to make sure her daddy saw it so we stuck it on the fridge. It was the first thing he saw when he walked in through the door because she wasn't going to let him pass through the house until he looked at it.
Here's Olivia writing her name.

And there's the "E" collage.

Tonight I didn't feel like cooking and Dave was getting home early since he had to go register the CRV so the girls and I took a vote and we decided to try this new Mexican restaurant. It was yummy and a good choice. Ava ate a whole kid size burrito which she has never done before. She likes tortilla but typically on the side not filled with beans. Olivia ordered nachos and when they came with melted cheese she refused to eat them and ate Dave's rice, beans, and lettuce. So now we now we know two burritos only.

Afterwards we crossed the street to check out the kids bikes at a nearby store. I had been checking craigslist for a cheap one for Olivia since her 12in is too small but there were only 2 bikes that were 16 inches in the nearby vicinity and one was already sold and the other never responded. So anyway we found the perfect bike for $50. Olivia jumped right on and rode it around the store. Ava got on it too and she could ride it but she is better suited for the little bike we have at home. Although Ava does need a helmet which created a bit of a riot when we tried one on for size at the store and she refused adamantly to take it off... Olivia and I pretended we didn't know Ava and Dave and slowly moved away.

Then we picked up some elastic to restring the bracelet that Ava had been wearing earlier but had broken. The girls are so into jewelry, nail polish, bows, and all the fancy crap I was never into. It's funny that they are so girlie. Must have been genes that skipped a generation. We also bought a friendship bracelet kit so I can make the girls a few bracelets without beads. Should be interesting. This was also something I never did as a kid. I guess stuff like that always comes back full circle.

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