Monday, April 27, 2009

What We Did, Who We Saw

Last weekend we went Saturday to visit with the new baby "L". Dave actually dropped me off at L's house and I visited her while he took the girls out for breakfast. They had a great time with their daddy gulping up every bite of food and leaving him with just a plate full of hash browns. Meanwhile I had my first real glimpse at the newest member of the "princess" world because let's face it- despite her mom's belief inside that little girl is a pretty pink little princess just waiting to come out:) Oh I see visions of pink tutu's, ponytails, and tiny pink high heels... HAHA.

Anyway, the ladies finished their breakfast with their daddy and came by to pick me up and get a quick photo taken with the baby. I wouldn't let them touch her since she's only a few days old and they had been to several kid germy places in the last few days but they got to sit next to her for the photo which was like a dream for Olivia. All she could talk about the entire drive home was holding the baby when she gets bigger. So when we arrived at our castle I immediately printed out a picture of the baby with each of the girls so they could carry it around the house and look at the baby. They were so cute. Then they went upstairs for their naps and saw that I also taped the same picture on their bedroom door. "Look mommy, it's me and baby L" Olivia exclaimed. Now every day she wakes up and stands in front of her door admiring her new friend. So here's the pictures of the girls with the newest princess:

On Sunday the girls stayed home with their favorite sitter "T" and Dave and I went to see my Uncle perform in a Senior Play. He was fantastic as actor and a singer. I never knew he was such an awesome performer. Afterwards we went to dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, and two of my cousins. It was really good to reconnect with my family and we have made plans to bring the girls the next time so that they can meet their family too. It was a very nice day all around. Dave fits in great with my entire family. They just love him, but then again who wouldn't- he's a great guy, husband, father, and friend.

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