Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Fun

We drove to Berkeley to visit Habitot's 11th birthday celebration. The girls were excited to be celebrating yet another birthday and with the hopes of eating cake the smiles were just beaming off their faces. Of course when we arrived the first thing the girls wanted to do was paint.

After adding a little bit of color to her hair, Ava moved on to the arts and crafts table. She was super excited to be using the ink dot pens.

Olivia was in charge of her own project. She was gluing, drawing, and sticking, everything in sight. Her creativity juices were flowing and her projects were coming out splendidly.

I supposed the smelling of glue starts at an early age...right?
Ava said it was stinky... ewww.

This is the ginormous birthday cake that the kids get to help decorate. Ava wanted to eat the frosting (paint) and was told no several times. Doesn't hurt to try again anyway. I mean after you glue your lips together with the glue stick why not eat a little paint?

Now, it's baby washing time and boy are these babies dirty and slippery.

Olivia likes to suds them up. She also poured a bucket of very cold water on Ava twice and served a very unfortunate time-out. Ooops.

After playing in the water, we all ate our lunches and watched the clowns perform. Then the girls trotted on over to the farm area where they played in the barn, collected eggs, and rode the horse.

But the best was yet to come... the clowns brought bubbles.

It was a very fun Saturday morning- afternoon. We drove back home and brought out the grill. The girls ran in the sprinklers with the other kids and we barbequed and lounged around for the rest of the weekend as a family.

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