Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fancy Pants

Livynut has dressed herself today with the help of some of Mr. Potato Head's accessories.

Today, while dressed so fancy Olivia and I had an interesting conversation that went something like this:

O: Daddy is my Daddy because you're my Moe-ther.
Me: Yes, I'm your Mother, Daddy is your Father.
O: Daddy is my Fadder, yes that's right. (finger pointing up in the air like she has just had this grand idea) Daddy has babies in his belly.
Me: No, Daddy does not have any babies in his belly and neither do I. I used to have babies in my belly but then you were born and Ava was born.
O: I have a baby in my belly.
Me: No you don't but you are a BIG sister. You are the oldest so you are a BIG sister. Ava is your LITTLE sister.
O: Right! Ava is my LITTLE sister. I have a baby in my belly.
Me: No you don't have a baby in your belly. You have to be a Mommy. Daddies can't have babies either, BUT your Daddy is a BIG brother and a LITTLE brother. He has a brother and two sisters. Mommy is a LITTLE sister because I am younger than my brother.
O: When you have the baby I will get to hold her like this...(tightly squeezing).
Me: Are you Nostradamus and making some sort of prediction that we will be having another baby and it will be a girl?
O: What Mommy?
Me: Never mind.
O: You are my Moe-ther!
Me: Yes, I will always be your Mother and you will always be my daughter. I am Grammie's daughter. You are my daughter. Ava is my daughter too. Can you please take all your fancy stuff off while we have this conversation? It is hard to take you seriously.

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