Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunny'd Again

Went shopping with the girls today for random household items and ran into the Easter Bunny again. Oh boy, do we love the Easter Bunny especially when he hands out tootsie rolls. It was such a cool experience that I suddenly remembered that yes I did need to buy some of those flushable toilet wipes as brown goo ran all down Ava's face and hands. How wonderful. Maybe we should hit him up for two more pieces so I can really go out of my mind with brown goo and two small kids. Thanks for that Easter Bunny. Don't be surprised when you find your own brown goo left in our yard from the dog that I just decided NOT to pick up for you.

Anyway, I am over my tantrum. Ava loved the BunBuns and wanted to sit with him and posed for a picture. Olivia got close enough to him to snatch the candy but quickly moved away. Later she told me she did not want the Easter Bunny to come to our house and she did NOT like him. Huh... I told her he had to come so he can hide the eggs and bring the baskets. She thought about it and decided he could visit as long as she didn't have to see him. Phew... Good.

Tomorrow we are off to another huge Easter egg hunt. Apparently it has the bouncy slide jumpy things and other carnival attractions besides just the hunt so it should be awesome. Maybe when we run into this Easter Bunny Olivia will have a different reaction. Who knows. Her mind changes so often... Then if the weather is still dry we will barbeque with our neighbors and their kids. It should be a fun day as long as it doesn't rain.

Yesterday we went to play in the inflatables with all of the neighborhood kids. The girls were so excited that they came too. It's fun when all the moms are home and we can get all of the kids together outside of our neighborhood. The inflatable place was packed with kids too. Apparently a preschool was rained out so they all came for the fun. The girls ran, jumped, and screamed their cute little heads off. When we got home we had lunch and they went right to sleep. I love that place. The girls come home exhausted. Whoever thought of creating that place deserves a metal.

And on that note... the bowling pins have been set up and the family is ready to play. Must go for now.

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