Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Teacher

Apparently Dave isn't the only teacher in the family. Miss Olivia is a born natural. I had walked upstairs to get a few things and ended up being up there a little longer than I had thought I would be. This is what I had found when I made my way back downstairs...

Olivia had been playing her computer game and Ava had been watching a cartoon on TV when I went upstairs. While I was there Olivia moved Ava's chair and helped her get in and buckled. She moved her chair over to where Ava's was to be close to her. She also moved the computer and the mouse so that Ava could use it. Then she showed Ava how to solved the game. She was very patient with her and very helpful. It was very sweet to walk in on them playing together so nicely. Olivia made a great teacher. Look out Dave- you have competition!

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