Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

I feel like a bad mommy. I know Easter was a few days ago and we had an exceptionally long and fun-filled weekend and perhaps that's why I can't wrap my head around writing this post. Maybe it should just be broken down into events so it makes sense to girls one day years from now when they read it. So here it goes...I'll give it a shot.


The Eggstravaganza Hunt: Saturday morning at the crack of 9 AM the family piled into the car and headed for the huge hunt. The girls were pumped up and Dave and I were unaware of what was going to lie ahead. Thinking back it was probably a good thing. We arrived and there were fields FIELDS of eggs everywhere, 50 bouncy house jumpers, free food like hot dogs, cotton candy, drinks, and popcorn. You know there's just something to be said about watching your 2 year old suck down cotton candy at 9:15 AM. Not to mention there was a spin the wheel for a prize and Ava won an enormous Easter basket. Even more toys and candy. Now it's roughly 10 AM and Dave and Ava had to make a trip back to the car to drop off all the gifts we had received. While we waited Liv got to meet Snow White... a real princess... ahhh. They were a match made in heaven. We saw a few other characters but she didn't even want to look a them.

Dave and Ava returned shortly so we lined up for the egg hunt. About 20 kids 4 and younger were able to hunt the eggs every 15 minutes at a time. It was awesome. The kids didn't get trampled, they could take their time and pose for pictures. The hunt was really well put together. Afterwards we meandered over to the petting zoo and the pony rides. I think this was the highlight of Olivia's whole weekend. Not only did she get to pet the horse she was able to sit on top of it and ride. She was literally beaming. OK the sugar high probably helped a little bit too but Livy was in heaven. Ava loved the horses too but I don't think she grasp the concept of how great an experience it was to be able to ride a real horse.

Soon it was lunch time and then it was way past lunch time and wandering into nap time and the girls were still jumping in the bouncy houses and big slides. Dave and I looked at each other and agreed to make a break for it and headed home.

Nap time. Oh glorious nap time. Two solid hours of uneventful bliss.

The Barbeque: We had all ready made plans to bbq with the neighbors late Saturday afternoon so while the girls recouped upstairs we set up the garage with the kid's table and chairs and before we knew it we had 3 bbq's burning in the driveway, the neighbors were here and having a great time. We cooked chicken, tri-tip, ribs, hot dogs and links, macaroni and cheese, beans, and a few different kinds of salads. Everyone brought booze and finally our girls woke up and came down to join the party. Oh Olivia was so happy to sit next to her little next door boyfriend "B". They were so cute together. And Ava had her little friend "G" so everyone was happy, well fed, and buzzed.


I think the girls are going through a growing spurt again because they have been sleeping in bed until almost 9 AM every morning. I expected Easter morning to be an exception but it wasn't which I guess was a good thing since I still needed to dispense the eggs around the backyard. So Dave snuggled the girls when they woke up and I went down and hid eggs and made breakfast. The girls ran downstairs and saw their baskets and of course wanted to eat their chocolate bunnies. Didn't we just do this yesterday? So the girls inhaled a boat load of candy and chocolate between bites of muffin and eggs at 9:30 AM and then Olivia noticed the eggs in the backyard and off they ran. I love the fact that they are both old enough to run around and collect eggs on their own. They are so grown up and yet they are still so young. In my mind I guess I always thought that a 2 year old was still such a baby but they are SO not. And 3 years old is so far from babyhood, Olivia really doesn't need help with anything.

After the hunt and the girls had a chance to play with their new toys we headed to the park to burn off some of the extra sugar packed energy. The girls showed their daddy how they have mastered the monkey bars and the big slide and we got to soak in the purity of being a kid. Afterwards we went out for lunch and then headed home for a BIG nap. This was a great holiday weekend, but I sure enjoyed Monday when everything went back to normal and the candy inhalation had ceased.

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