Sunday, January 25, 2009


This has felt like an incredibly long weekend. It could be that we haven't done much except go to the park or it could be that the girls are both sniffley and whiny. Either way it seems to be dragging along.

Ava's still doing well going to bed for herself and staying in her bed. For this we are really thankful. Olivia has stopped doing "her thing" in the car and everywhere else in public and now only does it at home. This makes us very happy as well because now people aren't looking at her like she's weird or something.

Both girls were taken to the doctor yesterday and were given good bills of health. They have been sneezing and coughing but she said there is nothing floating around in their lungs and they don't have any ear infections so things are ok. Neither received the flu shot so I'm always wondering if the colds they acquire could have been prevented or would it have been ten times worse like most people I know that have gotten the flu shot. I just don't trust that flu shot and neither does Dave. We have vaccinated them for everything else just not the flu.

Ava has her 2 year check-up on Tuesday. I don't know how tall she is but we weighed her at the doctor and she was 35.8 pounds and Olivia was 36.0. It's hard to believe that they are 15 months apart and weigh the same. All of the clothes I thought that Ava would be able to wear for awhile she burned right through. Now they can share most shirts. In pants Ava wears the same size in the waist as Liv but her legs are not quite as long and need to be hemmed or rolled up. By this summer it shouldn't matter when they wear shorts everyday.

Summer's going to be great. We will get to go swimming again, go to the park everyday, probably enroll in a dance class for Olivia, and now we can go to baseball games and other places without having to drag around a diaper bag. Things are getting a little easier. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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