Monday, January 19, 2009

We are not giving up...

yet. Together we can conquer this bed. Go team go.

Yeah even I can't swallow that down. Ava hardly slept last night. Dave hardly slept last night. I slept like a baby thank you very much. My nights dealing with Ava will start tomorrow night when Dave starts teaching again. Lucky him.

Today we took the girls out to Pump It Up for an hour and a half, out for pizza afterward, and then to the backyard to play on the swings to eek out the last tiny little bit of energy they just might have stored up in their every growing bodies. You'd think Ava would be exhausted. Nope.

Ava was put down for her nap at her normal time. She was resting in her bed so I left the room and ten minutes later she was in the hallway. How can she still be awake? If given the opportunity Dave would have been asleep hours ago. So now she's in her room calling for her daddy and angry that she is left in her room by herself.

This was very hard for me to go through getting Olivia to sleep in her bed after the switch from the crib but it was always a blessing that at night she never got out of her bed. Only at nap time did she protest. So as with Ava a little crying will eventually go a long way. As for my nerves and my mental status... we'll see. As for our desire for even more kids...diminishing by the minute.

***Only 1 LONG hour later we have:

Success!!! Way to go Ava!!!

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