Sunday, January 11, 2009

Purple Monkeys

The time is getting closer. I checked on Ava's bed and it should be delivered on Tuesday. Livy and I went shopping over the weekend (by ourselves she kept reminding me) and picked out a cute set of purple monkey sheets and bedding for our littlest monkey Ava. Ok, so Livy did get a new pair of Dora shoes out of me but the main purpose of our shopping was for bedding. I just couldn't couldn't turn her down. She was so excited to get home to show her daddy her new shoes...and he was just as excited to see them too. How could I say no?

On Friday night we had taken a short road trip to pickup the mattresses. We needed 2 mattresses since Ava's bed will come with a trundle. Thankfully we got them for a steal at $70 a piece. I was hoping to purchase one more so we could slide it under Olivia's bed therefore each bed would have an additional mattress but apparently these were the last two left. The salesman said there would probably be more in stock in a month or two so I'll just have to keep checking back.

In the mean time I am super excited to put together Ava's bed when it arrives and have her see it. I think she will love it. Today she found the comforter in my room and she lugged it up and down the hallway saying, "my monkey." Then she carted the comforter bag into Olivia's room and they jumped on it like it was a trampoline. They switched between jumping on it and putting their babies on it and telling them to take a nap. It was adorable. They couldn't stop giggling.

I hope when Ava sees the bed for the first time she lays down and goes to sleep as easily as she does in her crib though. She's a great sleeper and a fast sleeper so here's to hoping... My little monkey is constantly blowing me away with everything that she does. I couldn't be more impressed by her.

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The Wheelz Are Rolling said...

You will be amazed at how grown up she looks immediately lying in that big bed. Both of my boys moved out early because of how long they were. Make sure to take lots of pictures.