Thursday, January 8, 2009

To Preschool or not to Preschool

I've been debating this preschool idea for a few months now and I think I am going to try it for Olivia come this fall. At first I was totally against it being that I am a stay at home mom and I know I can teach her all the necessary components that she would learn there except social skills. I've pondered this idea and rationalized to myself that she is socialized by going to the discovery museum, the bouncy house, and other kid places that I take her to where she interacts with other kids.

After some searching I found a great school for 3 and 4 year olds and they attend twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. They learn a new letter every week, cook, do science art projects, use glue and scissors, and best of all they travel for field trips. The following year Olivia would attend 3 times a week and would be geared up for kindergarten and Ava would attend the other 2 days. I haven't found out if they actually teach the kids to read and learn phonics but if they don't I'm sure we can do it at home.

I am having mixed emotions about leaving Olivia at an unfamiliar place to be watched by people I don't know. I also feel guilty about just sending her to preschool. Part of my guilt stems from being able to go places with just one child thus making it easier on myself while she's in school. I'm struggling with whether I need her to go for my benefit or do I really want to send her for an opportunity to socialize with kids within her own age group. I hear how important preschool is and I am an advocate for education but I am also considering homeschooling for the grade school years as an option. I am so confused. Kids really should come with a handbook. Making these critical decisions can be nerve racking. Thankfully Dave supports any decision I make since the kids are with me all day.

My other mixed emotions stems from Ava. Somewhere out of the blue she went from baby to little girl. She hopped right over toddler hood and was so enthralled in Olivia that she copied and mastered everything that Livy can do. I am happy that she is growing and absorbing everything in sight but a little part of me would like it if she just slowed down a bit. But Ava is very headstrong and I know that won't happen.

Now she has fallen in love with Olivia's big girl monkey bed and tries to get in and lay down every opportunity she can. A few weeks ago I ordered her her very own bed...a real bed... that will be arriving on Tuesday. We are buying the mattresses over the weekend and a sheet set that will make it extra special. Keep in mind that Ava hasn't even turned TWO yet. She's going to be an old lady by 12! What happened to my cute little Avacakes?

Maybe this means we are ready for another child...Ha! I bet when Dave reads that he has a heart attack. No- we aren't having any more kids. We have two wonderful silly little ones and that's enough. People always say to enjoy them when they are young because they grow up too fast. Ain't that the truth.

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Kristi said...

The preschool dilemma has haunted me all of this year. Especially since my youngest will go to young fives instead of kindergarten next year, which is basically another year of glorified preschool. I have been debating whether to pull him all year. I am wishing I hadn't ever sent him this year. but on the other hand, my oldest loved preschool and it was the best thing I ever did. Go with your instinct and if it doesn't feel right, you can change your mind.