Monday, January 26, 2009

Preschool Chaos All Ready?

I have found a preschool for Olivia and sent them an email to which I never received a response. Ok sometimes emails get overlooked or don't end up where they should... so today I called them. No one answered the phone. Maybe during school hours no one does answer the phone. Or maybe this is just a really sucky preschool and I should see how they work now instead of later...

Before I overreacted, I sent them one more email stating politely that I am interested in sending my daughter this fall and would like to have some information sent to me or for someone to call me back to discuss things. I also added that I am available to volunteer for field trips and other activities if they need that. Now I wait. I hate waiting. If by the end of the week I still don't hear anything from them then I will be calling another preschool that I hear is just as good and is centered around Montessori learning.

At first I was hesitant to even send her to I can't even get her in. I guess the jokes on me. Maybe this is the conspiracy of all preschools- to sniff out those parents who are waffling over the decision to put their kids in school and then make them work for it. That way we don't stand there and cry at the door when we leave.

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