Monday, January 5, 2009

So it's been a long time...

Since adding a new post to my blog. I mean to do it everyday and then life happens and somehow it just doesn't get squeezed in. I left off somewhere before Christmas when we were checking out the neighborhood lights. All of them were really sparkly and the girls had a great time exploring the neighborhood.

Dave began his vacation time from both jobs so it left us with a lot of time to do family activities. We brought the girls to Habitot again. There they helped decorate a giant gingerbread house and this time played in the water. I learned from our last experience to bring an extra set of clothes. It was awesome having Dave be there and be a part of it all. Usually he hears all about their day but going and seeing them in action is a thousand times better. They also had their faces painted by us and they painted Dave's face.

We stopped for lunch afterwards and Olivia devoured my bagel or donut as she called it. Ava happily slept through the entire lunch, train ride home, and car ride home. She was exhausted from all of the excitement and I know I've gotten my money's worth when we leave a place and a second after she's clicked into her stroller her eyes shut.

A few days or weeks later Christmas came and the girls tore open their gifts with much delight. The big hits were the bowling set and the workbench. They used their new tools to put it together with a little bit of help from daddy. Santa was good to them again this year except he was rather surprised when no one left him any cookies or milk...hum...I guess our Santa was on a diet. In the afternoon we exchanged gifts with all of our neighbors and then dug into the honey baked ham we received from Dave's brother. It was the laid back fun filled Christmas just as we hoped it would be. The entire day we had friends stopping by and soon the day turned into night and it was over just as fast as it came.

The next day we brought the girls to the bowling alley. Dave somehow always finds us free stuff to do. He won the bowling tickets in a raffle a few weeks prior.

A few days after that we packed the dog and the girls into the car and headed for Grammie and Papa's house and of course Santa left tons of gifts there too. We hardly managed to get through the door before Liv was ripping and screaming over her new doll house and train set. Santa gave the two of them some really nice stuff. The girls made out like bandits and so did we.

We (Santa) gave my dad a rifle lamp...a lamp that looks like a rifle and a really big universal remote so he can actually see all of the buttons without having to wear his glasses. Mom was given new game for her Wii so we could engage in another tournament. They had been practicing golfing while we were away so we wanted to level the playing field. It didn't matter though. I was still terrible. I did beat Dave in one game of baseball. He took it in stride...

It was nice being at my mom's house and away for a vacation for awhile. We sat in the hot tub, we met a childhood friend of mine for lunch (without kids), we went to a New Years Party, went shopping, we stopped by to visit with another childhood friend's parents for awhile, and we ate hors d'oeuvres for dinner and played until we were tired. It was great as usual.

We stayed for a week and then came home, spent the night, and woke up to go to another party. This was my college BFF's son's birthday and you can read about her son here. The girls were excited all day long talking about the cake and balloons. Then we got in the car and they took was nice not having to listen to their movie again let me just add. We got to the party place and the girls ran like crazy, ate cake, snagged a balloon, and sang happy birthday to the birthday boy. We got back in the car and well...all hell broke loose. I haven't had that unpleasant of a car ride in a long time. We hit overload. Ava wanted to eat dinner and I only packed snacks for one leg of the trip...getting there. I know-what WAS I thinking? We decided to make a mad dash for fast food seeing as Ava wasn't going to make it the rest of the way home and for some reason we got off on an exit that the food took 10 additional miles to get to. Ugg. Once fed though they turned back into the cute little sweethearts that I have always known just a little oilier and stinkier from the fries.

Today we are getting over the colds which we developed from travelling and being worn out. Everything is good, Dave starts teaching again tomorrow, and the naps have returned to the normal routine. Life's good at our house. It's a great start for this new year.

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