Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pillow & The Protest

I thought perhaps if I made Ava's mattress up with the sheets and the pillowcase that she would walk by it and ask about it but that hasn't happened. She also refused to have her new pillow in her crib, tossing it out like trash, and demanded that her old one be replaced. Her old pillow is 4 inches by 6 inches and was meant for Olivia's dolls. Apparently Ava doesn't care about that.

The bed is arriving today nonetheless. I will be putting it together with slightly less high hopes than I had a few days ago. I did offer the monkey pillow back to Ava this morning and she laid it down for her baby to sleep on. Then she put her head on it and asked her baby to take a nap. I felt a tad bit better about the situation but she's fickle and can change her mind in the blink of her tiny little eye.

Speaking of fickle mindedness, last night I made orange chicken for dinner. Olivia loves chicken so I wasn't concerned she wouldn't eat it although she had never tasted this type of sauce before so you never know. Surprisingly she liked it and ate her entire plate of food. Now Ava is another story all together. She does not like meat of any kind. Don't get me wrong, the girl loves to eat...she just doesn't like meat or fish. When we eat spaghetti it always has crab, shrimp, and clams in the sauce. This way she eats it because she can't identify any of it. Fish sticks or steamed fish on the other hand is often combated with, "I no like it." Chicken plain, with ketchup, nuggets, or any other variety always gets pushed back as if the plate is tainted. Occasionally beef or turkey meatballs pass the test. So you might understand my surprise when Ava snarfed down her entire plate of orange chicken last night AND asked for more. What?!? Who is this child and where did my non-chicken gobbler go?

I finally found a meat product Ava is willing to eat. I am so thankful. I also discovered that she likes vegetarian buffalo wings and broccoli cheddar nuggets. Neither of which Olivia will eat but at least I have a starting ground to work with Ava now. Watch- by tomorrow they will both probably go on a "no broccoli" protest just for kicks! UGGG!

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