Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Princess Day

Today is princess day. I bought the girls a few dresses over the weekend and a few sun dresses for myself. When I showed them to Olivia she immediately wanted to wear them but the weather outside was a bit chilly so I told her she'd have to wait. Then I tried on one for Dave to see if he liked it and the girls went nuts over mommy being a princess. They grabbed my hands and began twirling around, hair flowing in the breeze…you get my drift? But again I was merely showing it to Dave and not intending to wear it because it was freezing outside.

Today the weather is fantastic so we all put on our princess dresses and have been acting the way princesses do- very pleasant and twirly. So on the wonderful princess day we played Legos, read stories about the other princesses, played with the new race track, had princess sized snacks, and best of all we danced and sang our songs. Princesses do have to take naps though, so while mine were tucked tightly in their beds I enrolled my oldest princess in a hip hop dance class. Yip that's right… she's gonna learn to shake what God gave her for the next 7 Tuesdays. I can't wait until she wakes up to tell her the good news. She will be so excited.

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For the Long Haul said...

Oh my it wrong that this post scares the living SH*T out of me?!?! I'm not ready for this girl thing...