Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flat Stanley'd

We drove the kids to Mount Diablo for the day figuring “what the heck let’s get out of here” and we had been FLAT STANLEY’d by Dave’s nephew so I figured what a great place to take Stanley. It’s a kids book about a boy who was shrunk down and at first he was sad but then realized it was kinda cool that he could fold himself and stuff himself into an envelope and travel. Anyway after they read the book, they make their own flat Stanley and mail him to family members and then the family takes Stanley somewhere cool, takes a photo, writes a blurb about what he did, and you send him back. He arrived today so we figures we should just get this over with plus it was a nice day to get out…

I guess that’s all really about how you look at the situation.

So as we were driving home I said to Dave that I was impressed. He got us there and relatively home without getting us lost AT ALL. Big thing for us without GPS. Until we hear, “BAM” and the truck was jilted forward. I asked if we had just been rear ended and Dave said there wasn’t anyone behind us. OF FREAKIN' COURSE NOT.

So it happened again… you know everyone loves a little whiplash in their day….

So I’m like, “are you going to pull this freakin' thing over or what?” He takes the next exit and we pull over in an empty parking lot.

Moral of the story… AGAIN AAA comes to haul away our vehicle, AGAIN the neighbor had to come pick me and the girls up….who cried the entire way home for their father… Dave gets the car to the shop and then discovers that duh AAA won’t drive him home. Had to call another neighbor to go pick him up.

The truck won’t get looked at until Monday and I can’t pay for it anyway.

This is what makes make question if there really is a God. Why would God make us keep going through this misery? Wouldn't God want us to be happy and offer us a brand new SUV with all the cool amenities so our kids could ride safely in their vehicle?

Well God, I'm waiting for your answer. Please reply in person as I don't really care for ghosts.

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