Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Happenings of Today

It didn't rain today but with the ground being so wet and the grass being so muddy we stayed inside and played with our train set. Olivia had put together most of the track before I had even gotten downstairs to join her. Ava was on the other end taking it apart. A scream was let out of Olivia's mouth that was so high pitched I think only dogs should have been able to hear it but unfortunately we all heard it. Ava was quickly removed from the train track area and put in charge of turning on the trains. Much better to have them on different projects than to have them always fighting over the same thing.

Soon Ava had to make her potty. She's doing really well. Most of the time now she is pooping in the potty and about 95% of the time she pees in the potty. Oh what joys of the stay at home mom- to be able to having bragging rights to how often your kid uses the crapper. Yea, who thought it could be so great! (add sarcasm here).

Then it was hot dog eating time. Hot dogs, grapes, pickles, cottage cheese, milk, these two couldn't scarf it down fast enough. I think Liv is going through a growth spurt because she keeps telling me how hungry she is right after every meal. It's like I can't feed her enough. I told Dave that I thought she had a tapeworm...I'm sure that HAS to be it. Ava wanted another hot dog but she is on a one dog limit. So instead I gave her a haircut while Livynut finished her food. She looked bea-u-tiful afterwards and then repeatedly told me she was ready for bed. So she went and stood by the stairs while I gave Olivia a quick snip of the bangs. She too looked bea-u-tiful and then they both ran off up the stairs and went to bed.

And now there's SILENCE. I love silence. I never knew how much I really enjoyed it until I had two kids. With one kid there's still a lot of sanity silence in the house on any given day but with two kids there's usually one talking, crying, or whining when the other one is quiet. I swear they double team me and give each other breaks all the while keeping me filled with high pitched singing or story telling. They know what they are doing and I'm on to them. That's why they nap at the same time. Oh yeah, you can't fool the mommy.

So that was our day so far. Not much happened that was overly exciting but we had a good time together. Maybe when they wake up we can bake muffins or something else for dinner. They both love to cook while standing on the kitchen chairs at the stove. Liv gets to stir the pot and Ava gets to sample the food. We shall see...

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