Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potty Talk

Yesterday Ava and I made a pact that if she told me when she needed to go potty then I would give her a candy. Lately she's been going potty every time I put her on the toilet but I think it is time she starts to initiate it for herself. Last night she told me three times and she was so proud of herself to get her candy. Today she has told me once and was grateful for her candy but I think she needs to poop and she is trying to hold it in.

She's doing so well using the potty but I'm running out of new ideas to get her to go to the bathroom by herself. Hopefully when the weather warms up I can dress her just in her panties and let her run around so she knows when she's wet. That is still a couple of months away though. In the mean time we will work on just telling me when she needs to go but I will still be putting her on the potty every hour regardless.

My little big girl. She's so grown up.

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