Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have Pee Pee Daddy...

Gotta love the sounds of those words. Our little Ava "candy addict" has come to love her 'big girl' panties. She definitely recognizes the difference between them and her pull-ups and favors the panties. Along with them comes a pretty big responsibility of keeping them dry and clean so as an incentive I've offered the ultimate... candy. She chews a few Smartees after she pees and gets to have a sucker when she poops. Several times in the past few days I have been walking through the house and have come upon her standing by the toilet trying to get her pants down. It is so cute to watch her struggling and wiggling around. I offer her my assistance and then I am quickly and sharply told, "no help mommy, I do it...I pee pee." Every day isn't perfection but she is making tremendous strides and a huge effort to be clean and initiate her own potty time.

Olivia has been a big help too staying out of Ava's way while she attempts to get on the toilet, she cheers and claps at every occurrence only reinforcing to Ava that using the potty is the way to go, and she gladly accepts a candy after Ava earns hers for being a big helper and great big sister.

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