Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ok so I admit I take ALOT of pictures of my kids. Why wouldn't I? I am their mother.

So last night as we geared up and put on our costumes to go to our first haunted house this year I forgot to take the girl's pictures. Doh! Ok I guess that was a trial run last night since we still have Liv's costume party at school, another haunted house and a place to trick or treat next weekend, and the ever official actual Halloween.

And Dave did such a good job matching their clothes underneath their outfits.

Anyway, the games and prizes last night were great but the haunted house scared the beegeezes out of Olivia. She cried and ran away but after a few minutes she was ok. Ava for the most part liked it. We'll see how we do at the next one.

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