Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weekend's Over... Bummer

We were off to a pretty good start too. Saturday morning we ran all of our errands and still had a few minutes to play at the park. Once we decided to leave Ava mentioned she wanted to jog a lap on the track so she and I went for a run. That's where we found Asilly, the praying mantis. Of course we had to bring her home to live in our garden.
And we all had to touch her since she is such a huge bug. Ava braved having it run up her arm.
Then after nap the girls mingled with their friends and watched some basketball.
Here's all the silly kids.

And then they decided to play a little B-Ball themselves.
Ok so maybe they do a lot of rolling around, but occasionally a ball does make it onto the basket.
Like here... Olivia's action shot.
Sunday the girls took a spin in their jeep. Ava's feet finally reach the pedals and she now gets to drive. Awesome.

Like Sisters in a car, these two are typically bickering... Who is watching the road?

Olivia let "B" take her for a spin until the battery finally wore out. She's trying to put her arm around his neck and he won't let her. So cute. Now the weekend is over and we are back to the regular routine..

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