Friday, October 2, 2009

What A Great Day

Today we didn't have anywhere we had to go and nothing that had to get done. Oh was it a nice feeling. So thankfully Ava slept until 7AM and Livynut slept until 7:30 AM. We got up and I brought all of the laundry downstairs and began a load, went back upstairs and made the beds, cleaned up the mess, and brought Sugar out to pee. The girls waited for me downstairs and played for awhile, then Ava reminded me that she was hungry and wanted food so I threw my monkeys a few bananas, some milk, and the all loving Cheerios.

Now that the house was cleaned up, the windows were opened, and the refreshingly cool morning breeze was encompassing us we began our day. I switched the laundry to the drier and added another load to the washer, Olivia built something with her tools, and Ava got out her favorite Dora chapter book and began reading. The morning was very calm. I needed it too. Getting the kids up, showered, dressed, fed, the dogs out to pee, a shower for myself with a little time to primp, a second to put in my contacts, brush my teeth, hopefully eat something, then get the girls to both go potty, get their shoes on, grab Liv's backpack, run them out to the truck, lock them both in their seat belts, stop the arguing over the toys or books, drive to preschool hopefully not forgetting anything and arriving on time, getting them both out of the truck, signing Liv in with her teacher, keeping Ava out of the school toys, then forcing her to leave and get back into the truck...gets a little exhausting.

I realize it is only twice a week but I am basically alone every day all day with the kids. I am the cook, accountant, maid, bath/shower giver, fight breaker upper, trash hauler outer, dogs, cat, and turtle tank feeder, grocery shopper, and I have to put away all the groceries myself with the girls standing there trying to go through the bags as well as schlepping the girls through the store, in and out of the car seats. This is my every day life so adding school on top of all the other crap makes it a long day. Tuesday and Thursday nights are sweet since Dave gets home in time to read a few stories, give baths, brush teeth, and put the girls to bed. Who ever said raising kids was easy must have either had a nanny or dropped their kids off in daycare and did all of their important things alone.

The things that I get done when I am alone take A LOT longer when the girls are around. I love being with them but I also need a break from going crazy. Tomorrow we already have 3 things that need to get done in the morning. Dave and I both have dentist appointments, the girls want to build a lock box at Home Depot, and we need to go get everyone's flu shots at Kaiser before 1PM because then we have a birthday party to attend. Oh and I might need to add jury duty to my unending list of crap to accomplish. I will find out today at 5PM.

Anyway now that I went on a tangent about all the stuff that weighs me down I want to go back and state that TODAY has been a great day. After breakfast we put on our shoes and went to the park to jog a few laps and play on the slides. After being there for awhile we came home and the girls pulled their bikes out of the garage and they rode around the neighborhood. Then we came back inside and made chocolate chip cookies and ate lunch. Now the girls are napping and I am on a break. It feels nice. It is wonderful. Soon the monkeys will be up and running crazy again and the house will be filled with laughter but for now...silence.

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