Friday, October 16, 2009

We Now Call It The Pumpkin PATCH

Last year Olivia only referred to the pumpkin patch as a HATCH so it's cool that this year she's got it right. And just in time for her first field trip. FIELD TRIP- she's 3 years old. Man. When I was a kid I don't think I went on a field trip until at least first or second grade and then it was to the convalescent home down the street from my Catholic School. It was so fun to smell old people and urine. I'd say I almost forgot the smell but now I live with young people and urine so it's really all relative.

So since the kids are young parents can come on the field trip as well as little sisters. "Wahoo," exclaimed Ava in the truck on the way there. Followed by, "Can I have a donut daddy? P-l-e-a-s-e???"

So we got there and met with Olivia's teacher. Olivia was sooo excited to see her teacher. She stood by her and smiled so very proudly. Then we entered and went to the barn for some songs and festivities. Dave got in the mix and played the washboard while the leader played the guitar. Olivia stood up in front of everyone and asked to play the scary witch song. Her teacher prompted shouted out that she did not teach her that song.
Olivia then asked the leader another question, "maybe we could...something." This is the question that Olivia should be famous for. Whenever she wants something it starts with, "maybe we some cake, have some candy, go outside..."
Here's Olivia shakin' her buns to the tunes...

Ava got into the lineup and danced too.

Then we went outside and she danced in twirls with me.

And then Ava tried to kiss (why you ask???) a baby chick and got pecked.

This is the hayride to the pumpkin patch.

Olivia, her teacher, and the teacher's helper.

Ava's scouting out "The Big One."

Liv's getting her pic taken by her teacher for her teacher's web page.

The maze.

Ava's jump from one hay stack to another. She was practicing her jumps all day.

Never seen these two busy bees in my life.

Petting the livestock.

And we are finally ready to leave. Awesome. And then we went to the library...

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