Monday, October 19, 2009

Off And On

The rain can't seem to make up it's mind today whether it is going to continue sprinkling which makes us trapped indoors or stop completely so we can get out of here and play outside.

In the meantime we've read books, watched a library movie, and now we are...

coloring our fancy Dora books. We still have A LONG time to go before nap and I'm running out of ideas fast.

Yesterday, Ava and I made a banana pie complete with a homemade graham cracker crust. It musta been pretty decent tasting since it is gone already. We could bake again today but I have a good feeling that Ava will saddle up right next to me when it is time to make lunch. She is becoming quite the cook with a knack for stirring. So that again leaves us with art projects, games and puzzles, and whatever else pops into my brain soon. It's not looking too good for us.

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