Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When Duty Calls...

Where to start? First of all this weekend was supposed to be fun seeing as we were going to a birthday party and all. Except we all got the flu shot before the party and since that moment Ava has had explosive diarrhea. What fun. During the party I heard a kid shout from the bouncy house, "what stinks?" I knew it would be my kid. It is always "my something" when it's bad news. Take for example, "someone's SUV has the window smashed out...." My SUV.

So getting back to the stinky bouncy house... Sure enough Dave removed Ava from the bouncy house and she had a boat load of fresh cargo just waiting to be off-loaded in her pants. Great. Just fabulous. So he took her home, cleaned her up, returned her to the party so she could again 20 minutes later drop off another load. Even better right? So at this time she was taken home for good and proceeded to poop herself silly until today. So was the party fun? Yea. I had fun. I also got to hang out without the kids after the party with everyone. But was the party fun for Ava- the intended party goer- not so much.

This week is also Olivia's week off from school. Her first vacation. I was so looking forward to this time to sleep in bed and snuggle, get up late and lounge around in our jammies, and just do some fun stuff together. CC County felt otherwise. I had jury duty Monday. I had called last Friday hoping that my group would be dismissed but that was unfortunately not the case. So on the first day of Liv's vacation, duty called for me and I had to go. It only took me a mere hour and a half to get there with the stalls and accidents on the freeway and I arrived only 30 minutes late BUT I showed up. I waited all day and around 2:30 PM my group was called to the court room. (Secretly I was now crying on the inside: DOOM, DADOOM, DOOM, DOOM!!!) The criminal trial was going to last for 3 LONG weeks. 3 WEEKS. Do you have any idea how long that is? It was hard enough getting up and leaving the house by 6:30AM to get there LATE and Dave had stayed home to pick up the babysitter at 7AM. He would not be able to do this for 3 weeks. I would have to go get the babysitter (she doesn't get her license until December) at 6:15 AM just to make this work. Impossible.

Then as if a gift from the heavens floated down and landed smack on my plate the judge EXCUSED me for childcare reasons. I am the parent who drives Olivia to and from school. Dave can't do it, and neither can either of either of my babysitters. Can you say, "HALLELUJAH?" So remember boys and girls- when duty calls, bring your excuse.

That makes today our first real day of vacation so we lounged in bed together watching cartoons, got up late, kept on our jammies, baked a chocolate cake, and finally got dressed and went to the library. We picked out a few movies for after their nap and a few really enticing books. So far our vacay is off to a good start.

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