Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toe Jam

Why do we always have to get our stinkin' cars smogged? Can't the world and or the DMV focus on other pressing issues like which celebrity has ballooned up to a whopping size 4 or the fact that the State can owe us an IOU without giving us interest accumulated on our tax returns but if we owe the State one stupid penny they will start calculating their interest from the date of our births. And what's up with the ridiculous 'Test only' smog sites that charge almost $100 just to tell you you have FAILED THE TEST and you have to go somewhere else to have some dude tweak your crap so that you can drive back to the first place and wait with baited breath to hear whether or not you have PASSED or FAILED again? Give me a break. Please, just let one thing go right the first time. Oh and yeah...we failed the test. Hooray for us...not really.

So now you're probably thinking how in the world does this relate to my kids since this is a kid focused blog. And as I continue to type I am watching Ava who is picking the 'dirt' sock fuzz from between her toes and I ask you, "how does this all relate to my girls?" I don't know.

I do know that Ava has developed a weird fascination with her sock fuzz and every chance she has she rips off her socks to pick out the 'dirt'. Even better is that she wants me to help her remove the dirt. "Look mommy, DIRT!!!" She spreads her toes apart as wide as she can and hunkers down over her squishy little feet and discovers a fortune. It's been going on for a few months now. I thought perhaps she would get bored and quit but apparently not yet.

The other thing I know is that today is Valentine's Day and my 3 favorite cupids are all roaming the house pursuing their own interests. We started off this morning with the 4 of us in bed eating heart shaped cookies that we baked for daddy a few days ago. We gave each other our Valentine cards and Olivia gave Dave the project she made for him with scissors and tape. Then the rest of the morning began as usual with some breakfast, a story or two, and of course a puzzle. It was nice. If only I could freeze time I'd freeze moments like those.

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