Monday, February 9, 2009

A week's worth of birthday

Ava made out like a bandit for this birthday. We practically celebrated it every day last week. Tuesday was the official day and we spent it with her friends outside. The next day she let me put her hair in her very first ponytail. This was a rare occasion mainly because Ava only allows me to brush her hair when she gets out of the bath tub. Any other time she gives me the, "no no no" and ducts her head down or puts her hands in her hair to prevent me from brushing it. Thursday we had an all cartoon marathon...yes by the end of the day I thought I might actually go blind but thankfully Friday came and Grammie and Papa arrived.

Grammie and Papa always make for a great day. They brought balloons and coloring books and some other fun stuff. They brought all of us out to dinner where we all devoured ice cream cones and jello straight off of Papa's plate. Gotta love gettin' to eat Papa's meal...always better than their own. We came back to the house and the girls played until bedtime. Kissing Grammie goodnight is the best night of their lives. Kissing Dave and I compares probably to kissing the dog. We're no fun :(

Then Saturday Ava's friends all came to her birthday party and had a great time. She ran around like crazy in her tutu, loved the balloons, played on the slide and the swing, played in the dirt...yes she loves to play in the dirt so that was a BIG deal, and she ate and ate- cake, cup cakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and CHIPS...the other big favorite. Of course she received plenty of really cool gifts from her friends too. All in all the day was fabulous, Ava enjoyed herself, and I think that this birthday she had a good idea of what was going on and that it was about her so it was fun.

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