Sunday, February 22, 2009

When it rains...

We break out yet another box of tissue. I blame myself really. Just 2 days ago I was bragging (to myself) that I guess that flu shot I got for my girls really does work because look at that- they are not sick...

And then whamo... by the end of yesterday both girls had the sniffles. To end the night, Olivia began coughing and crying so hard that she ended up sleeping with us. Well she slept and grinded her teeth, we just grinned and bared it.

Today both of my girls are whinny and sick. We are on our way to the doctor in an hour. Olivia is rubbing her ear and crying at every little thing. She has rubbed her nose so raw it's bright red. I feel for her and at the same time I can feel it building in my throat right now.

So I now know what we have planned for next week... yea sounds like fun right? Lucky Dave will be sitting comfortably in the silence of his office without a nose to wipe or a cry to hug. Secretly I am so jealous of him that he gets to escape the sick days at home but someone has to work for us to survive.

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