Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is sleep anyway?

The big girl bed that Ava is now sleeping in has become more of a punishment for Dave and I than a milestone in her life. She has adapted quite well to the going to bed part. She lays down and within minutes she is fast asleep. Sounds good right? No. Not at all. She goes to sleep just fine, it's staying asleep that has become cumbersome.

5 AM every morning we have a visitor who is very awake and alert and doesn't want to go back to sleep. "I no like my bed," she mutters. Oh well, that is where you sleep go back and come back in 2 hours. If only it was that easy.

And now the little munchkin has discovered that her new found freedom also allows her private access to her closet, her drawers, and all of her toys in her room. It looks like a tiny blizzard swept through her room. Yea more work for me...as if I didn't have enough stuff to pick up during the day.

Ok so I know that I'm ranting. She's 2 years old. Yeah I got that. I know this is all part of her developmental process and it is age appropriate. Yeah whatever. It's a stage...just stick with it. It will pass and she will begin some other annoying habit... blah blah blah. My mom is enjoying the payback for all the tricks I played on her as a kid. She keeps reminding me of this fact weekly. "Wait until she gets her period," she chants as she mocks me.

So getting back to my point- nap time isn't going so well at my house and neither is our ability to sleep past 5 AM on most mornings.

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