Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Divine Intervention

People are often conflicted when it comes to believing in God or in a higher power. Some people believe everything happens for a reason, it is their destiny and it has all ready been decided by a predetermined plan while other people believe that perhaps it is just coincidental the way funny little things happen at just the opportune time...

Here's an example: A friend of mine FTLH wanted a baby forever. Being that she is gay this wasn't an easy task. As she came to a point of almost surrendering to being childless a man came forth, donated his fresh sperm and whamo...she was pregnant. She delivered a healthy boy but her dream wasn't fulfilled. She always wanted 2 kids. Now the first man to give her his sperm had moved away so she either had to start over at the sperm bank again which left her unpregnant the first time or find another man. When she was ready to get pregnant the second time, sure enough a man came forward who would help her and... whamo she was pregnant again with a second baby... a girl. Now she is a believer of a higher power...not necessary God but she believes some thing's out there.

I have to say that it has to be some kind of Divine intervention. There has to be something out there that knows what we need when we needed it. Sometimes yes, it does make us wait but I think there is a reason for that too.

So the reason I'm even bringing this up in the first place is because last week when I posted this about my neighbor moving away I later received an email from one of my BFF's that I hadn't talked to in over 3 years. Here I was saddened that my neighbor friend and the girl's friend was moving and my old friend Jelly reappeared as if it were controlled by some kind of divine intervention. Now Jelly is a big believer in God. She'd believe it was God's work that brought us back together. She prays about stuff like that. I pray to win the lotto and that my period comes every month... And yes, some months I do have to wait to see if it is in fact coming...

So if that wasn't weird enough on the last day my neighbor was in her house, she packed her last bag and drove away and moments later I spoke with Jelly on the phone. I am totally thrilled to have Jelly back in my life but the timing of it was just uncanny. I felt like the last three years was shortened to maybe a few days since we last spoke. We caught up really quickly and I can't wait to see her in person. The one thing that I missed most about us not talking was the fact that she could make me belly laugh like no one else. We'd talk about something so silly we'd be crying laughing. It's been a good 3 years since I have felt that way. And it/she came at just the right time...the time when I needed her the most. Again everything happens for a reason. I needed a friend and a friend appeared.

Ok so to top off all of this weirdness I have had this 3 year aura around me for years. I had a boyfriend in college for 3 years and then I kicked him to the curb. FTLH and I stopped talking after college for 3 years at which point I called her and we realized we were mad at each other for two totally different things... weird I know and way too complicated to get into. Jelly and I didn't speak for 3 years... Another friend of mine lives nearby actually and we stopped talking just because she became way too difficult to be friends with but I reconnected with her through Facebook after...yes...you guessed it 3 years... and there's been some other things that I rather just not mention. Can there be forces out there that have helped me along the way but somehow they have to follow the 3 year guide. I don't know.

All I know is that I am happy that FTLH and I have stayed best friends for so long and our kids have gotten to grow up together. That has meant a lot to me. I think she is a remarkable person, a great mom, a true friend, and someone who I know is reading this and had better take her bed rest seriously or I'll have to drive down to her house and mess up her cabinets. I can find great places to hide her toothpaste:) You know I love you. AND I am also happy to have my other best friend Jelly is back in my life, this time for good, so we can laugh out loud at things that aren't even funny and have our kids meet for the first and not last time. They too need to grow up knowing each other because she's like a sister and her kids are my like my girl's cousins. It's important that family stays together. I love her too.

Call it what you will, divine intervention, God, coincidence, pure luck, fate. I call it friendship and I am happy to have it.

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For the Long Haul said...

HAHAHA...you stay the hell away from my cabinets! :) Love you too!