Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This is us waking up and heading downstairs to see if Santa left us anything. Frankly, I don't remember if we were good or not this past year. Should be interesting.
By the look on Gavin's face something hanky was left under tree... yes, another Christmas turd courtesy of Sugar. Off to a good start.
Well it appears some jolly ol' fat man ate the cookies.
And since he left crumbs Ava figured she would help out by eating the crumbs.
Ahh. The joy of still wrapped presents.
The ripping begins.
Even Gavin on his first Christmas got in on the wreckage.
Boy that paper must taste good.
The coveted pillow pet has shown it's head.
And some Wii will be a playin'.
Thank Goodness Santa gave Olivia her own music on her own MP3 player... Now we all don't have to listen to it.
Or so we thought. Thanks Liv you have a beautiful voice.
Mr. Hawkiepoo loved his new blanket and frog.
And his new snazzy jammies with reindeer feet.
My dad chilling out by the fire. Ha! Gavin's nose is still running. Thank goodness we aren't all well for Christmas that would throw off things for years to come.
This may be Gavin's first Christmas but he knows when something belongs to him and he wants it.
My mom back there clutching her coffee...
Ava's awesome present she made for me at preschool.
Viewing the carnage. It's everywhere.
Ava's new cat Snowy. She goes everywhere Ava goes.
I think the kids are lost in there somewhere.

 We had a great Christmas followed by a fantastic Cioppino dinner. Dave and I were blessed this year with our new little Gavin and the completion of our family. The girls are loving school and their teachers. Things are just going really well for us. Here's to 2012 to be even better.
See in the picture over there by the red thing... that's my sanity slip slippin' away. Merry Christmas!

I wonder who's going to clean up that mess?

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