Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anniversary #7

We will be omitting any loving pictures of us on our anniversary today.

The day started out with getting up late for church but we made it on time with a little yelling and swearing. Yes. All from me. After sniffling our way through Mass we went to an "anniversary Sunday breakfast" so the kids could celebrate our special day with us. We sat there, staring out into oblivion wishing our food would just get to the table since it was now almost noon and no one had eaten. Dave chatted up the waitress about sports scores and kept an eyeball on the TV while running back and forth to the bathroom- stomach issues. I kept an eye on the baby knowing full well when the food came his eyes would pop open and he'd want to eat too.

Finally the food arrived. Birds chirped. Crickets all around. All you could hear was the scarfing of the fabulous food and the continuous blowing of noses. After we devoured it we promptly got up, ran for the truck, drove home, ripped off our clothes, and laid down. I'd like to say we had this wonderful day spent together remembering our love for one another but really it was more of a fend for yourself and we'll see who survives the day kind of day.

By the time the kids went to bed Dave and I regrouped and spent a few minutes together before going to sleep. Even in all the chaos and sickness it was still a nice anniversary. Dave had found a special song that he burned for me and gave me the CD to listen to and he read me the lyrics like he was reading a poem. His eyes teared up as he read and I saw the love that he still has for me. I love Dave with all my heart. I think that's what makes our marriage work. When the day can be totally crazy but at the end of it you can look at each other and know it was all worth it. Happy Anniversary David!

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