Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big Guy

Sounds like I'm ordering a pizza right? Nope. It's just my huge kid. Gavin had his 4 month well baby appointment yesterday at 20 weeks old. He is 18 pounds 13 ounces 95%, 26 1/2 inches tall 88%, and his dome measured 17 inches 75% I think... Needless to say his pediatrician asked if I was now buying him 6-9 month clothing. I laughed and told him the outfit he's currently wearing is 12-18 months... and then he laughed and said, "Well you sure have a big one on your hands..." Really I hadn't noticed. My back aches from lugging him around each and every day.

He then asked if he's eating well. Seriously you need to ask? Yes, he eats everything from cream of wheat to that gross Gerber meat. I am making him all of his baby food but I can't blend meat down like Gerber can so they win.

And then it came time for Gav's vaccines. Before he was even stuck in the leg he began to wail because he just didn't want to lay down on the table nor did he want some random lady looking at his face. So then Ava begins to wail because she is scared for him and then Olivia screams like a siren because she panics when everyone else is crying. It was like a scene from a bad movie. I'm trying to comfort him, comfort Ava, and listen to Olivia tell me there's something red on him and my hand... Again he had to be laid down for a new band aid sans more crying. Upon leaving I made my next appointment and guess who will be joining us again- yip both of the girls. Gee I wonder who will cry next time. Probably me in the parking lot.

People ask me all the time how I manage to take three kids everywhere I go and stay sane. First, I'm crazy and second, I walk really fast. With three you learn to flee the scene of the crime almost instantly. I think with all the crying drama we were down a flight of stairs and in the truck in a matter of two minutes. Good thing I am not fat.

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