Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Size Matters

Finally. Finally I get to see the numbers I have been waiting for. Ava was weighed and measured and she is now 45 inches tall, 47.5 pounds with a BMI of 16.5% AND---- she made it into the 81% which means she is in the NORMAL range. WooHoo! She has been working hard this summer playing and running and doing soccer and karate and it finally paid off!

Olivia was also measured. She is 47 inches, 46 pounds, and is in the 39% range which is also considered normal. Liv actually has a great body size. she's not underweight or over weight. She has a cute little girls body.

Gavin, my boy. My huge huge boy dwarfs other babies. At 3 months he weighs in at 17 pounds and safely wears size 3 diapers and 9 month clothing. He will be tall. Like a giant. My friend Leah's baby Tyler is almost 10 months and weighs 18.5 pounds and they are both the same length. I can't wait until they are a year old and can play together. It should resemble something like King Kong vs the tiny skyscraper.

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