Saturday, November 19, 2011


Rachael invited us to her new cabin.
We of course made ourselves right at home at the table waiting to be fed.
Gavin bounced on Daddy's knee and was licked ridiculously by the dogs.
Olivia took a wildlife nature walk and ended up in a tree like a three toed sloth.
Ava got a bird's eye view of the nest and mountain ranges nearby.
Who this kid? It's Nick. He climbed the tree to the top!
And there's always time to play their leapsters while Gavin played in the exercuaser.
And the kids had to watch movies when it became too chilly outside to play.
Ava snuck off to one of the bedrooms. I thought she was pouting but when she came out she had this lizard in her hand that she found under the bed.
Look at the joy on those faces!
A few deer passed by the house so the kids lined up to watch.
It was an awesome weekend. Since it fell on Olivia's actual birthday her party just kept on going! And we now know that both kids get car sick up the windy roads. Thankfully we were armed with barf bags from my pregnancy that everything ended well. Good to know for the summer!

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