Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Gavin's first Halloween !!!
His little monkey butt looked like this! So cute!
And turn him around and he looked like this...
And of course there were beautiful ladies dressed as a bride and a princess.
With their cute little monkey brother!
A few nights before Halloween the gang carved their pumpkins and roasted their seeds. Those were the best seeds ever. Gavin admired the girls' work and posed for a picture with the pumpkins.
Gavin smiled for the pumpkins.
And then he needed a bath after getting pumpkin goo all over his hands.
But Gavin's still the cutest little monkey ever!
The Friday before Halloween Olivia's class dressed up and had a party and a parade.
Guess who led the entire school in the parade? Yip!
Our little monster liked the idea of Olivia being the leader.
Ava's class had their party on Halloween day. She traded costumes with Olivia and went as a bride too. She also told me she will never get married so she can live with me forever. She would miss me too much. I just love that little girl.
Here's Ava with all of her loot. We should have rotten teeth in no time.

With all of the Halloween festivities the kids had plenty of time to Trick or Treat. They met up with some friends to trick or treat the weekend before in the streets of BW and followed it up with a BBQ and watching Cars 2 in the backyard with their friends and a whole lot popcorn.
They also went Saturday to the outdoor mall's Trick or Treat festivities. They both went to the pumpkin patches and I think they have had enough of Halloween. Now we are ready for Liv's birthday and Turkeyday. Amen.

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