Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Official 4th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Olivia My Sweet Peanut!!! or as Dave would say, Peanutbutter Pantalonies...but he'd sing it in a song.

Here's the birthday girl a minute after she woke up today:

I can't believe my little baby is 4 today. She was just a tiny little innocent bundle of joy 1460 days ago. She had a hard birth with her heart rate dropping and then needing to be vacuumed out, but after that she was perfect. She even had a little smile on her face. She looked nothing like what I expected, acted nothing like I imagined, and yet she was and is still a perfect little angel.

She woke up today singing a song about being 4. She was beaming all morning long until we arrived at the doctor. Dave had today off so he went in to get her 4 shots. Nothing like bursting that birthday bubble. But afterwards we went home and had lunch and took a no-nap (you know when they lay in there like they are napping and then appear at the door when their nap should be over yet they never really slept), and then Dave took both girls to see the lizards along with other reptiles at the library.

When they get back we are going to dinner with some friends and then Dave and Liv are going to bake cupcakes for school tomorrow. I get to fold and hang up laundry... how'd that work out?

I'd have to say that Olivia has enjoyed her birthday so far. I wish she could shake that terrible cough though. Ava is loudly anticipating her third birthday and is eager for her Ki-lan cake.

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