Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Liv's 4 Year Appointment

This appointment was scheduled as a well-child appointment for a 4 year old. Most of the appointment we dealt with the sick girl with the bad cough, yesterday's high fever, and her headache and body pains. So much for the flu-shot. Liv's been hacking for a few days, finally got the fever yesterday but it's gone today, and now had a headache which I assume is more like a tension headache from coughing and constantly sneezing. There's a small possibility she may have strep throat and we could have done a culture but we decided to wait a few days to see if she gets better on her own. We also went over Dave's family history of heart problems to see if it's genetic since both his sister and brother have Mitro Valve Prolapse. The doctor's looking in to it but thinks that it is not genetic. Phew.

Wanna know what I got? Nothing, just my period. I thought I'd just throw it in there that we all apparently need to suffer at the same time. Dave has had chronic back spasms, the dog barfed on the couch yesterday during the fever and it left a stain which means I now need to take the cover off and wash it. It doesn't sound like work but it is when you try to put that sucker back on. It takes a small army. Ava is sneezy but not yet sick although her face is bright red... could be anything I suppose.

So yeah. The well-child appointment didn't exactly go as planned but I did promise Olivia that she was not going to get any shots. The doctor confirmed this as soon as he walked into the room except that he then realized this was a 4 year appointment not a 3 year appointment as it is a week before her birthday and now she needs FOUR shots after she turns 4 next week. Sigh. We also found out that she needs to see the dentist twice a year and the eye doctor once a year. Both of the girls have seen both doctors but not as official appointments. Usually they get checked when we get checked since they like to sit in the chair and the doctor obliged. So once I got home I made their appointments for Saturday for both vision and teeth. Should be a fun day. Sigh.

Anyways here's the stats... Olivia is 38.8 pounds clothed, and 42 1/4 inches tall. This puts her weight in the 74% and her height in the 93%. She will most likely be somewhere between 5'8" and 5'10" as an adult. Her BMI for age is 38%. Overall she's right on track and healthy (ok maybe not today, but overall.)

Just for reference: Ava is 39 inches tall or in the 93%, 38.0 pounds or 97%, and in the 88% for her BMI (which should be under 85% or 37 pounds). So we are still over in her BMI which she had been doing well on until Halloween and Liv's birthday rolled around and we weren't as strict with her diet. So we will get her back on track and keep working at it.

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