Monday, November 2, 2009

For The Record

I haven't yet done a post about Halloween night. I kinda feel like we did so much Halloween stuff before the actual event that there's nothing left to add but just for the record when the girls read this later they will know we did go out, we did trick or treat, and we did come home with a lot of loot.

Actually Friday night we went to the Y for their free dinner and games. The girls had fun. They got to color, paint a pumpkin, spin the wheel for prizes, and show off their costumes. Saturday one of the neighboring cities was having a safe trick or treat for all the stores so we hit that one and went out to lunch. Then later that night we hooked up with the neighbors and went for the real deal. I was literally done with Halloween by this point. The girls were cranky from not napping, and me and my man were tired. We were both like, "Is it over? Can we go to bed now?" But we sucked it up and headed outside and after a few minutes we were all in the swing of things and had a fantastic outing. I didn't take any pictures of the event being that it was outside and dark but I think the previous pictures will suffice.

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