Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doctor Doctor

So this week was kind of a big deal. Liv went to her 4 year checkup on Wednesday and everything went well. The doctor said she didn't need any shots that day (since she was still 3 at the time of the appointment he thought she was in for a routine 3 year appt) and then suddenly realized that she needs 4 shots at the 4 year mark and that she'd be 4 in a week. Not so good. Dave has Wednesday of this week to spend the day with Liv on her birthday and guess where we will be going… back for shots. Stinks. We are also taking her to breakfast and a to a lizard thing at the library so it's not a totally horrible day but she does go on and on after getting shots about how horrible it was. Maybe this time will be better. We can only hope.

So anyway at that appointment Liv's doctor said that the girls needed to start seeing the dentist twice a year and the eye doctor once a year. While at that appointment Liv didn't do so well on the eye chart so he wanted her to get to an appointment soon. So I booked both the eye exams and the dentist for Saturday and we went to the eye doctor first. They both did really well following directions and getting their eyes dilated. They did so well in fact that Olivia will be getting GLASSES next week. Yes- Glasses (Juicy Couture even). She is farsighted with astigmatism. And …ready for the drum roll… Ava gets glasses next year. Our poor kids are cursed with my eye sight.

So we left there at noon with the dark plastic shades on, eyes totally dilated and headed to Toys r us to buy the neighbor a birthday gift, ran home snarfed lunch, and headed to the dentist. Luckily they were still wearing their special glasses and didn't have to use the ones from the dentist. Attached are the dentist pictures. Both had x-rays taken, their teeth cleaned, and were given treats for being so wonderful. Everyone at the office loves how brave they were and how good they were. When we got home we made some pinecone turkeys with some googly eyes we bought at toy r us.

But just so we didn't leave anyone out- Today Lady and Sugar went to the groomers and had their nails trimmed. Lady peed all over the floor a few times, Sugar snarled at dogs passing by, but both did ok while they shaked tremendously getting their toes beautified. Oh and I didn't forget Nanners. She waited in the truck while the dogs did their thing and then we drove to the other pet store and she got her yearly shots.
And a fun time was had by all!
The Rockstar

The champ. Ava getting x-rays taken.

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