Friday, June 26, 2009

To My Surprise...

After walking the mutt last night Dave took the girls inside and put them to bed so that I could have some much needed girl time. Let's rephrase that... Adult time without girls... It was nice to hang out and talk with my new friend and her soon to be husband. I really needed to be able to relax, have a conversation without having to say, "can you hang on a minute...Olivia stop doing that..," and to know that the girls were safe and sound in their beds while their dad watched over them. Talk about relief. I only chatted it up for an hour and a half but it was an hour and a half that was really worth it. We talked about the party Saturday and the food and the people coming. Honesty we could have talked about how often I pick up dog crap in the back yard and it would have been just as relaxing and fun.

So the sun went down and the moon was shining brightly in the sky and I thought to myself that I had better go home so that I could spend some time with my hubby before he fell asleep. I entered the house which was completely dark. I turned on the kitchen light... no dogs, no cat, no Dave. Huh. I called his name. Nothing echoed back. Great he went to sleep already. I was too late. So I walked upstairs and I could see the blue tinge of the TV on in our room illuminating in the hallway and as I got closer this is what I found:

These two were rolling around in the bed playing with Sugar having a barrel of laughs. No one was missing me. No one was asleep.

Here's Olivia who was just waiting for someone to acknowledge that she would like to snuggle the puppy too.
So here they are- the three amigos and their companion.
And by the looks on their faces they are quite pleased with themselves for avoiding their bedtimes and getting away with it. Even the dog is mocking me...

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