Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's In The Genes

Today with the scorching heat we decided to relax.

Ava is enjoying a cartoon after lunch but before her nap. Look at how relaxed she is... I'd like to say she gets it from me but both Dave and I are pretty good at sitting around on our butts.

And here's Miss Olivia sitting with her puppy who for some reason just isn't ready to sit and relax just yet. As you can see the tight grip around the neck holds her firmly in place where Olivia wants her to be.

So on this hot day I decided to spend some time browsing the Internet and came across a sight that will publish my blog into a book. Since it will be a year at the end of the month that I've been writing away I am going to publish the blog at the end of each June. I'm thinking that this comes with pictures and a narrative of what's been transpiring in our lives so it is a bit easier to maintain than the baby books and quite frankly easier to read with my handwriting being so terrible. But yes, I will finish their real baby books and someday take all of the pictures that I have sitting on top of my desk and put them neatly into photo albums with labels. If maybe I actually went and bought the albums I could potentially be done all ready but I guess I have been putting it off as a rainy day activity. It could be awhile until it rains... Maybe I can get a little done when Dave's mom arrives in July. We'll see.

Well the girls are napping, the puppy ate her way half way through the electrical cord going into the dvr in our bedroom (Dave you might wanna get on fixing that... I can't find the tape) and the AC is running out of control so I think it is time for me to relax as well so when the girls wake up we can all go swimming.

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