Monday, June 29, 2009

Fond Moments Of Today...

"Mommy will you take the booboo off?" Olivia looking down at her hot dog that had been microwaved just a little bit too much and it had a burned spot.

"Mommy can you take the poop out if my bum?" Ava sitting on the toilet straining to poop but apparently was more constipated than I thought.

"MommyDaddy DaddyMommy, where's Daddy? Did he drive his little car?" Olivia curious as to where her father might be and can't exactly figure out who I am.

These are just a few of the funny things the girls have sprouted off with today. If my memory comes back maybe I'll recall some other good stuff and add it to this list.

Here's a few I had forgotten-

"Mommy can we go back there again tolater (tomorrow)?" Everything that Olivia denotes to in the future begins with 'to'. She does not say tomorrow ever.

"Grandma, where are your boobies?" Ava asks Grandma B. "In my shirt where they are supposed to be." Grandma B responds.

As the the fireworks are exploding in the street Ava says, "I eat the candy?" I respond, "No, it's fireworks not candy." Ava pleads again "I bite it?" Me- "Um no. That would be bad."

Ava currently attaches a 'ia' after all her favorite items such as her loveyia, Ladyia, Sugaria, Sissyia, puppyia, and bannanaia. Hopefully this will stop soon.

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