Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Movies

Every week on Tuesday and Wednesday the movie theater by our house offers a free movie at 10 am. I packed the girls and some snacks in the car and we headed out to the theater for Surf's Up. When we arrived our neighbors were there waiting for us and had already bought a huge bucket of popcorn. So we sat down and the previews began. Ava loudly proclaims, "let's get outta here Mommy!" So far not good.

After a bit of explaining that that was not the movie and that it would start soon Ava decided we could stay. We poured ourselves some bowls of popcorn and the kids all ate their ways through the movie. Honestly I don't think Ava ever really looked at the screen but she enjoyed herself. Olivia loved that her 3 little friends were there with her and she was sitting by them. It ended up being a good experience for the kids and a chance for them to experience something that we can't normally afford to do. Next week we will go again and eat some more popcorn.

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