Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot Hot Weekend

I'm astonished that we made it through the weekend without actually burning crispy. This weekend was a scorcher. Should have known I guess when the air conditioner turned on at 8 AM.

The engagement party was Saturday. Thankfully it started when the girls take their nap so Dave stayed home with Ava. While she slept he did some work for the business and I took Olivia to the party. Oh Miss Olivia was thrilled to see all of her little friends and some new ones. She ate some food, drank a lot of juice, and had a piece of cake. The entire day she played with her friends in this bucket full of ice and bottled water. I told her several times not to drink the water, put the ice in her mouth, or spit it back in the bucket, but when all the other kids are doing it it is kinda hard to stop her from continuing. Plus it was so hot in the garage even with the fans blowing that it probably felt pretty good being in that bucket.

Soon Ava was awake and Dave brought her over in her swim suit. She woofed down some food and cake and loads of juice as well. She was laughing and playing and having a great time. Dave was stoked because the work we received over the weekend ended up making us around $2000 for a few hours of work. And we needed it. We really needed it a long time ago. Granted he did miss the beginning of the party but since it lasted until 11 PM he was able to party for quite awhile and make us a profit to boot. Thanks Dave. We love you man;)

So when the majority of the party goers left I brought Sugar over to meet everyone. Talk about making an entrance... this dog stole the show. The fiance's mom was like, "hand her over... oh she's so cute..."followed by a lot of kisses. Then an Uncle swooped her up, loved all over her, and then rushed off with her to show all the people in the livingroom. Of course Sugar wagged her cute little tail, put her ears back, and was the crowd pleaser she's known to be.

The party was awesome. The soon to be hitched are my newest next door neighbors. She and I have really hit it off and Dave and the other half have become pretty close too. It's nice to get along with your neighbors and actually like them as well.

So you're probably thinking it sounds like a good day and night and you know- what else could possibly happen? We'd probably go to bed, watch some late night TV, eat a frozen pizza, contemplate sex, hear Olivia scream bloody murder at the top of her lungs and then puke for the next 3 hours... Well like I said before, "Don't drink the water out of the bucket Olivia!!!" Words she probably should have listened too. I'm no fool. I've been around this block before. Olivia and parties don't mix.

Olivia has a very sensitive stomach and drinking too much water can and will make her puke. Around 4 PM I asked her if she felt ok. She said yes. I said she looked like she was gonna puke. Dave said she was just hot. Um..duh... How many times do we have to repeat this process to get it right? Apparently we are slow learners and I believe in the not so distant future I will be writing yet another post about this same topic. So yes, every fifteen minutes over a three hour span Olivia vomited profusely and screamed in agony while doing so. Lovey. Simply lovey. Talk about a buzz kill, sex stopper. Speaking of being a slower learner, why we haven't prioritized sex first, food second is beyond me.

Dave slept with Olivia all night in the lazy boy. Sugar and I slept in the bed all alone and all spread out. We all woke up (even Ava) around 8:30 AM as if the night before was just a blur and adventured into the kitchen for some hot fresh pancakes. Today was a scorcher too at 108 degrees. We played in the pool, we napped, we relaxed and rested. The dogs had their day too running around chasing each other in the backyard. Sugar also got her first bath from the girls. Summertime. I love it.
Puppy scrubber #1
Puppy scrubber, eye poker #2
The fetching...
The not sharing...

And the GIVE IT BACK!!!

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