Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Anniversary...

was complete with cat barf. Who would want to enjoy themselves so much that they wouldn't jump at the chance to clean barf?? Humm.. I wonder.

The actual date was Thursday, December 4 and I spent the day with the kids. Dave had to work late and we had all ready decided to celebrate over the weekend. In turn, I spent the entire day cleaning the house, cleaning the bathrooms, and vacuuming the entire house.

The girls were really great with helping move stuff so the vacuum could get through. They sat on the couch and waited patiently until I was finished. They took their naps right on time which even gave me time to work out. Although I was doing grunt work the day went off without a hitch- almost.

It was around 8 PM and we heard the cat screech. I thought maybe she was locked outside so I got up to look and the dog was jumping all around like, "save my kitty, we have to save her!!!" but alas she was no where to be found. Oh well.

It was time to bring the girls upstairs to get changed for bed and brush their teeth. I was almost done with the day. I envisioned laying in my bed watching all the great Thursday night TV. As we made it to the top stair, I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye what appeared to be something all down the hallway rug that I just vacuumed a few hours before. As I began quietly swearing in my head I quickly walked the girls passed the barf and to the bathroom to have their teeth brushed. When we were finished we quickly walked passed the barf again to their rooms to change and go to bed. This was when I was supposed to be finished...a few hours left to enjoy the anniversary. I guess when you make plans to celebrate on the weekend or a different day, the universe takes note and makes sure you don't try to cheat and get a little extra.

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