Monday, December 8, 2008

Manic Monday #17

This week's MM meme is light.

We had so much fun taking the girls to all of the Halloween functions that I wanted to make sure we would do the same for the Christmas festivities. We went Friday night out to dinner with some friends of ours and then took everyone to a Christmas tree lighting. The girls thought it was awesome and Olivia wanted to do it again. She was pretty perplexed when I explained that they only light the tree once but was happy once I told her we could see a different tree get lit the next day.

Saturday, after our date, we took the girls to the other tree lighting and Santa parade where the girls got to meet a life sized Dora, Rudolf, Santa, and Mrs. Claus. So the life sized Dora did not go over so well with Olivia. She didn't want to get close to her and in the car kept repeating how she didn't like her and wanted to know where she was. I explained that Dora had to go home and go to bed because it was dark outside but that didn't seem to make her feel any better. The next morning Olivia woke up again asking where she was and kept reminding me that she did not like her. OK I got it.

Sunday Dave's football games appeared on the TV. Oh yea. It's fine though. He watched football with the girls and our neighbors came over and we ate and hung out. I didn't have to watch the game so I was happy. It was a fun filled weekend with a lot of stress removed. We eve got the opportunity to set up our Christmas tree too. The girls love the lights and think that the tree is pretty. Not as pretty as my two angels...

Manic Monday image courtesy of Jannaverse.

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anthonynorth said...

These can seem such magical occasions to the kids.