Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Lights

The little elf helper

Our neighborhood is flooded with Christmas lights. It is super fantastic. Every night we've been going for car rides to look and awe at all the fancy decorations. One house has the best design ever. They live on a corner lot so they have a really long fence. The entire thing is covered with lights. As you approach the front of the house you come face to face with a real life like Santa riding in his sleigh and being pulled by eight moving and blinking reindeer. But that's not all. Then there's a moving Farris wheel that has white bears sitting in the seats, a hot air balloon over their garage door, loads of light up presents, and a ton of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. In other words, this house rocks. The girls love it and will can't help but drive by it every night.

We've finished our Christmas shopping and have wrapped most of it. Ava is loving the fact that she can get close up to the tree and she comments, "mommy, I see presents." Olivia understands Santa this year so she's been saying her, "ho ho ho's" to all the store Santas. This year the holidays have been so much fun with the girls and seeing it through their perspective.

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