Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ice Skating

Dave and I decided to go ice skating for our anniversary and out to lunch. We had so much fun ice skating. He can actually skate so I held on to his arm and he kinda dragged me around. Then I used the wall for a little bit while he made a couple of laps around the rink. We both agreed we need to have more dates out without the kids especially now that they are big enough that they don't need us to be home for every little thing and we typically go out while they nap anyway. My neighbor takes great care of them and they love her to pieces so it's a real win win situation.

Lunch was great too and we also went shopping. I picked up a sheet to match Olivia's other one, a fluffy, very soft blanket for her bed, and a pair of slippers. Dave found himself a pair of slippers and a pair of pants. It was really nice to be able to walk through the store and hear myself think and have the time to look around without having to entertain someone else. I think after that doctor's appointment and the stress from all of that compiled with the house cleaning and everything else I needed a break and a chance to get out it. I was a perfect outing and anniversary with my hubby.

Then when we got home Dave and I were discussing Olivia's thing and we kinda had a hunch of maybe what she was really doing so I did some Internet investigating and realized that she is perfectly ok. I don't have any worries any longer nor does Dave. Will she out grow it- probably not which is just fine, but she will learn where it is appropriate to do it and where is not. The stress factor has dropped considerably if not totally diminished. It really was a good day all around for EVERYONE.

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